5 Things to Do Before the Moving Truck Arrives

Cans of SodaBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

You have selected the right moving company in Wichita Falls, packed up your entire life into boxes, scheduled your dates with the professional movers, plotted your road trip, loaded your travel suitcase, and have a new home all prepared and ready at your destination. Following all that work to get everything primed... finally it is moving day. And, if you've done your job properly, you may well discover yourself to be sitting on the front step expecting the moving truck wondering... what now?

Having a couple of hours to oneself moving day can be tranquil, tiring, fascinating, or dubious. Every person reacts differently, however you do not have to just sit around awaiting the truck to arrive. Rather, it is possible to go down a useful checklist which can make sure you really are bowing out with every duck in a row. Listed below are 5 fantastic tasks to undertake when waiting around for the professional movers in Wichita Falls to get there.

Final Compartment Check

Take a last walk through your residence and execute a ultimate examination of each area, closet, drawer, and upper shelf. Be sure you're not forgetting something or leaving a box in a closed up bedroom where the movers might not find it. It may be helpful to have one final half-full box designed to get the random sock, earring, or hand towel that you may scrounge up in the distant reaches of the cabinetry on the concluding check.

This is the perfect time to also get a peek at each bathroom. Ensure there is toilet paper, a hand towel, and hand soap in each one. This is not just helpful for you and the movers on moving day, it is additionally a courteous real estate approach to depart from a house: bathroom-ready.

Clear Room for the Movers

Following, think about the location where the moving truck is going to park. You'll need a long spot, most likely curbside, with the rear (or side) of the moving truck pointing in the direction of your residence however that's doable, if you reside in a parking-space restricted neighborhood, you might need to make a reservation for a row of individual spots for your moving truck on the big day.

After that think about where your professional movers will probably be walking and prepare a wide way to enable them to safely follow. You can place down panels should there be mud, but the majority of professional moving companies will place down floor runners to keep the floor coverings tidy. It's also advisable to clean up all obstacles out of the way to speed up the move and take away stumbling dangers.

Look at the Contract & Get rid of Unmovables

Whilst waiting for the truck in Wichita Falls, take a moment to explore your moving agreement and documents. There are often useful details and insights into the moving industry by simply looking through the documents that the moving company in Wichita Falls gave you.

The documents may also list specific items that the movers can't move, generally legally. These include everything living which includes plants, anything that may possibly explode, or anything at all that will spoil in the truck. Should you have fish, household pets, unsafe materials, or plants then make plans to take them together with you rather than moving them in the truck. If you have any queries about what can and can't go on the moving truck, give your moving coordinator a call. He or she will be pleased to answer any queries you may have.

Fill the Fridge with Sodas and Water

After that, take the opportunity to fill your refrigerator with drinks and snacks. Your refrigerator is already emptied which means there should be lots of space for cases of pop as well as water and possibly even goodies for the crew. The larger your move, the more cherished drinks and snacks will likely be. Specifically if you, similar to most, move in the warmer periods. Supplying goodies for the moving crew is absolutely not obligatory, however we guarantee you that it'll be well received and also liked.

Pack Your Automobile

Finally, be sure that your personal transport is packed and ready to move. Chances are, once the professional movers are gone and you've cleaned the place one last time, you're departing permanently. The simplest way to ensure you do not forget something will be to perform the full check ahead of time. Check your gasoline and oil levels. Review your overnight bag and make certain all house plants and household pets are prepared to leave when it is time.


Once you've addressed everything, waiting around for the moving truck can feel like a significant stretch of bare time. However with this list, you will have your time proficiently occupied in order that the residence is picture-perfect when the professional movers arrive. For more moving tips or to consult on your moving needs, contact us today!


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