5 Tricks for Staying Safely No-Contact During Your Move to Wichita Falls

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

For several months, everybody kept indoors and put off their plans - plans for moving, notably. Traditionally, moving requires significant amounts of contact with folks outside your family and involves some travel. However you can only put off plans for so long. The great news is that it can be doable to get all you need and move without exposing your family to virus risk. With a couple useful organizing techniques, It is possible to keep your move contact-free and still go over all your bases.

This is a short, handy guide of options to accomplish a household move with virus safety along with social distancing.

1. Ahead of the Move: Virtual 3D Tours

Rather than touring a house for purchase or rent, have a virtual tour. Prioritize properties with a vivid photo tour or a 3d walk-through that provides you a genuine experience of the home through high-detail visuals. Virtual tours use 360 photography to let you move from point to point in the house and glance around by simply click-dragging the frame.

2. Moving Supplies: Buy Upfront for No-Contact Pickup or Delivery

For all the cardboard boxes, crating, packing paper, and dish packs you will need for the move, purchase ahead. Internet or phone orders enables a local moving company in Wichita Falls or retail store to prepare your packing material. You may want to stop by and get the cardboard boxes curbside, with a no-contact team in order to load up your trunk. This is usually a safer alternative to shopping for boxes in person.

3. Moving Services: No-Contact Approaches

You'll also need a few approaches for moving without having direct contact with your professional movers in Wichita Falls.


Look for a moving company in Wichita Falls that offers a no-contact consultation. Many can evaluate the size and contents of your residence by using a short video tour hosted on your mobile phone. Effortlessly change the camera around in the course of a Zoom video chat (or similar program) to get an estimate without an in-person walkthrough of the house.

Packing Service

The safest option to pack while in pandemic conditions would be to pack yourself. For individuals who can't or do not want to pack themselves - we recommend closing into a single area or suite while the packing team works in allocated spaces to allow the maximum social distancing.

Plan for No-Contact Truck Loading & Unloading

Also, it is possible to keep a safe and secure distance once it is time to load your cartons onto, then off of, the moving truck. Whether you're driving yourself or employing a moving company in Wichita Falls, you need to be present as the boxes are loaded for transport but can be socially distant from the moving crew. Remember to have on your mask, also.

Elbow Bump Friendliness

When the time comes to handshake, offer a friendly elbow-bump alternatively.

4. Travel: Pack and Isolate

During travel, be certain to limit your exposure to other folks and with public environments.

Packed Cooler along with Drive-Thru Food

Pass up the dining establishments at this point. Alternatively, load up a cooler of beverages and snack foods along with sandwiches.

Parks and Rest Stops

When you need to stretch your legs, seek out a wide open grassy place rather than a convenience store. Stop by public rest-stops with fields and picnic benches or look for community parks. You can even stop by a roadside field. They all are better than populated areas.

Car-Camping or DIY Clean Motel Room

Hotels might be a danger. Should you be moving in pleasant weather conditions with camping supplies, contemplate car-camping as opposed to staying in a motel. Should you prefer a motel break, bring clean sheets in addition to cleaning supplies. Quickly sanitize the space by using surface cleanser and also lay clean sheets over all the pieces of furniture. It is possible to isolate further using a packed bedroll.

Curbside Pickup Supplies

If you need supplies along the route, make use of your cell phone to arrange for curbside pickup. On your way, just make your order a minimum of a half-hour in advance of when you will be pulling into town. This saves you the danger of visiting convenience stores as well as other places on the way.

5. At the New Home: Separate for Two Weeks of Unpacking

Finally, consider scheduling 14 days of complete seclusion in the new home immediately after arriving. When it's just you and the cartons, this is the best opportunity to unpack and ensures that if you are passive carriers, that any invisible virus is going to totally run its course.


Here at A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Wichita Falls, we believe in supplying the professional residential moving services that clients need. In 2020 and beyond, this means no-contact moving and tactful service coordination. Get in contact right now to examine the best way to meet the requirements of your moving plan.


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