Busting 5 Myths on Moving and Professional Movers

loading the truck for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving from your residence or business requires in depth planning to ensure everything flows without problems. A lot of energy as well as coordination is essential on the actual moving day. As with any industry, the moving industry endures plenty of misguided beliefs around the moving process. Let's discuss several common myths and uncover the truth.

Myth #1. All moving companies are identical.

The service you pay for can differ from moving company to moving company. Pricing, service quality, availability, and level of experience are just a couple of ways moving companies in Wichita Falls vary.

You don't want to go for local movers to execute a relocation across the country. Furthermore, hiring inexperienced movers can cost you greater than you've allocated.

Do your research before contracting the assistance of any movers. If you use a professional moving company in Wichita Falls, you can save both money and time on a smooth relocation.

Myth #2: Weekends are the Ideal Time to Move

Some believe that if you start the move on Friday, you're going to get lots of time to pack, move and unpack over the weekend. As convenient as this may appear, the issue comes that everybody believes much the same way and hires the same company. Therefore, a weekday move makes a great solution. Ensure that you plan as far beforehand as you possibly can, regardless of the day of the week or time you choose to move.

Myth #3: Tape is Tape and Boxes are Boxes: They Are All identical

Duct tape or masking tape is unable to rival packing tape. Packing tape's design works effectively with cardboard boxes. In addition, it doesn't leave a film of stickiness on your pieces of furniture. Packing tape holds together well, is flexible, and is generally reliable to keep together under pressure.

The exact same applies to boxes. Moving boxes should hold together under a large amount of weight and are available in numerous sizes and shapes for various household items. Talk to your moving company in Wichita Falls to determine if they offer boxes as well as other moving supplies. By utilizing materials made for moving, you'll be able to pack your stuff understanding it is more protected over the move.

Myth #4: Something Always Breaks or Goes Missing

It isn't really standard practice for professional movers to lose or damage your stuff during transit. However, many people can be bothered with stress if they move because they believe that things always get lost or break.

When you get a professional moving company in Wichita Falls using a certified moving process, you will not need to fret as much. Overall, incidents can happen, so make sure to find out about the company's coverage options. Additionally you can get hold of your home insurance company to ensure you have got sufficient protection and peace of mind.

Additionally you can go a step more and label all delicate items as well as alert your moving crew in advance of items which will need special handling.

Myth #5: All Moves are Messy

Nearly everybody believes that the move and changeover to a new house is going to be outright disorderly. Regardless of how much ahead in time you plan, you usually expect moving to be a mess. Moving nervousness is primarily because of nervousness about change and lack of organization.

However, a mess-free relocation is not impossible to attain with a little energy and teamwork. Together with prepared professional movers by your side, the most you need to do is label your boxes, sort out belongings and inform the crew which is a priority item, and which can wait.

If you need professional movers in Wichita Falls for your next move, contact the respectful and knowledgeable team at A-1 Freeman Moving Group today.


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