Four Steps to Staying Healthy When Moving to Wichita Falls During Covid

moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving over the cold months of winter is never fun, but Covid adds an added level of dread to your already full list of points to be anxious about. In addition to keeping track of the weather reports, your ears are on ready alert when it comes to periodic coughs and also sneezes. Covid worries can change a harmless sniffle into a two-week quarantine, so of course you will be excessively anxious if you're getting ready to move.

Luckily, you can safely move to Wichita Falls during Covid if you just simply adhere to these 4 guidelines for a healthy move.

Moving companies in Wichita Falls are typically considered essential, and the majority are open for business. They are making sure that every one of the crews they send out are healthy, and so they are depending on you to apply good Covid hygiene. Please remember that if there is a Covid outbreak in the organization, they might not have the manpower to cover all their planned moves, so flexibleness on your part is vital. Much like you will grin and bear it for a snowstorm, share the same courtesy for your crew's safety.

Get A Virtual Estimate

Virtual quotes from moving companies in Wichita Falls tend to be the norm these days anyway, so you're able to speak to and hire a mover from an online social distance. A video call lets you walk through your residence and the mover's rep on the other end can determine your needs and present an estimate without at any time traveling to your residence. You might have to send dimensions for a few home furnishings, but a professional mover in Wichita Falls can verify the trucks and crew you will need over the internet.

Apply the Three W's

Wear a mask. In cold weather, wear it even within the home--there is not much air flow in a sealed-up home therefore take the additional step of covering your face even around family members. If you live in a warmer climate it is not essential to wear it in the house, but when the movers arrive ensure everyone has a mask on at all times.

Wash your hands--a lot. Use soap as opposed to hand sanitizer whenever you can. If you cannot wash, do use hand sanitizer, however scrub with soap and hot water whenever you can.

Wait for the professional movers in Wichita Falls to do their jobs--stay six feet apart, and merely wait. Avoid the impulse to hand the crew cartons or small furniture pieces, and just help from a distance. It can be generally wise to stay out of the way even aside from a pandemic and let the professionals work in peace.

Sanitize Your new Home Prior To When You Move In

Additionally it is typically recommended that you have a new house cleaned just before you move in, but with Covid it becomes an definite requirement. The experts do not believe that the virus lives much more than a few days on surfaces, but with new strains popping up there is no way to be positive. If you can't engage a crew to come clean before you get there, go in front of the moving trucks equipped with disinfectant, bleach, and gloves in order to confirm a virus-free location as you do take the family in.

Stay on Top of State Guidelines

States are doing their best to keep businesses functioning as smoothly as is possible, yet even crucial stores are operating reduced hours. Before you pack up, be sure you will be able to take care of the basics like grocery shopping when you get to your new house, and that prescriptions are filled before going. You can shop online for delivery in most areas now; consult grocers and apps including Instacart to discover what's offered in your town.

These 4 simple actions will help you manage a safe, healthy, and stress-free move…as long as the weather holds out!


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