Getting to the "Essentials" After Moving to Wichita Falls

Making Bed after MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Good sense would suggest that unpacking your cartons and putting together your furniture should merely go in reverse sequence from packing. And that's true, to an extent--the shampoo is generally last in, first out. However professional movers in Wichita Falls fill moving vans according to dimensions and weight--not what you need immediately. They should work with you to ensure your essentials are loaded last, but you'll likely need to be accessible to help handle that process, as your moving company in Wichita Falls won't know the essential things from the everyday things without your direction.

You should definitely create space in your car for the requirements, stash them there as opposed to putting them on the moving trucks. This way, you don't need to waste time for the boxes to unload, it is possible to go on and position boxes wherever they should be or hold them within your automobile right up until you will need them in order that they don't get misplaced in the mix.

Managing the Fundamentals

Modern technology has made managing a move a lot easier--there are apps for anything from inventorying your pieces of furniture to locating your new preferred cafe. MagicPlan is an app that enables you to virtually place your household furniture in the new home, to help you lead the movers the location where the recliner--and other hard-to-move furniture--go on moving day.

Aside from positioning the couch, these are the first tasks to do--even when the professional movers in Wichita Falls are unloading the moving truck.

· Build beds--your bedding never looked as good as it does the day you've moved to a new home

· Make the beds

· Set up electronics--you do not have to wait for the cable guy any longer, in most cities you'll be able to plug in your modem and router and you will be good to go with your WiFi.

· Set up the kitchen area essentials --coffeepot, toaster, and microwave oven

· Set towels and toiletries in the bathrooms

Packing the Fundamentals

The takeaway at this point is that when you pack, you should have numerous boxes, containers, or tote bags of fundamentals--which tend to be more than a change of clothing plus a toothbrush. Proceeding room by room, these are what could be considered "essential" in the majority of families.


Moving is much more art rather than science. When the outlook is for a sun-drenched day, you shouldn't rely on it. Have extra t-shirts, jeans or shorts, and sneakers on standby if you get rained on. Pack adequate outfits for two or three days for every family member--if one of the household is very small, pack an additional diaper bag.


Split the daily toiletries from the extras--this is no opportunity to deeply condition. Travel sizes are ideal for moving--try and pack the "real thing" so you do not need to agonize about lotion. These are typically utter fundamentals --for a few days.

· Dental hygiene items

· Bar soap or body wash, as well as washcloths.

· Hair shampoo and conditioner

· Hairbrushes, hair combs, and a hair dryer

· Razors and shaving cream

· Moisturizers

· Pain relievers

· Band-aids

· Nail file or clippers--someone will probably crack a fingernail with all the moving


Strangely enough, a good number of moving checklists don't cover bed sheets in the fundamentals-to-pack-at-the-last-minute. You don't need to procrastinate to pack your bed linens, if that box is clearly labeled and straightforward to get into, it is possible to sock those away whenever.

· Mattress pads and pillows

· Linens, blankets, bed spreads

· Bathroom towels

· Shower curtains, hooks, and liners

· Bath rug

Kitchen space

· Coffeepot, microwave oven, toaster, juice machine

· Dishtowels, detergent, dishwashing tabs

· Plates, utensils, cups --a picnic basket is perfect for a move

· Paper towels

· Waste can, garbage bags

Cleaning Materials

Chances are great that you'll need to at minimum wash down the kitchen countertops and inside of the fridge before you begin to prepare any meals. In case your new residence is completely new, it's clean--but most likely has settled airborne debris. Check with your real estate agent for a housecleaning suggestion to make sure your new residence is glistening as you move in; or else, be prepared to clean. After move-in, floors have a tendency to need a little help... whether or not the moving company placed some type of floor protection on the paths.

· Extra paper towels as well as cleaning cloths

· All-purpose spray cleaning solutions, toilet cleaners

· Wet mop

· Anti-bacteria spray

· Vacuum

WiFi and Electronic devices

While setting up the television is probably not a tremendous priority, making sure your WiFi is actually operating is--many people don't have land phone lines any longer, and your cellular carrier may possibly not have fantastic service in your new location. You may acquire the modem from your internet company, or they might be able to drop it off just before your move--synchronize that with your real estate agent. Pack your router and other electronic fundamentals independently from all the other equipment.

Relax --You've Got Time Now

You have got all the time in the world to unbox in Wichita Falls and get settled, however that all hinges on having a good night's sleep, a solid cup of coffee, and having the kids fed and busy the next day or two. Packing with unpacking as the primary goal means you have everything you'll need right up until all that you want is unpacked and in its new position--and a lot less stressful compared to searching through boxes searching for bedding in the middle of the night.


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