Mapping Your Move to Wichita Falls--A Tech-Free (Mostly) Road Trip

Road tripBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Ahh, the lure of the open road. Thoughts of road-tripping cross country, taking in the sights, looking for a great neighborhood restaurant--all the delightful visuals of traveling Route 66 disappear in a hurry when your reality is shepherding the youngsters and a family pet to your new residence. Planning a drive which helps keep everybody on an even keel is probably not near the top of your to-do list right at this point yet take a couple of minutes to map out your travel strategy together with your path--it's completely worthwhile.

If the moving company has packed and loaded everything, and a multi-day trip is standing between you and your new home in Wichita Falls, the trepidation for the journey is real. And it may seem like the simplest thing to do is to stock up on USB chargers to make certain everybody is continually entertained, and you are free to have a little peace and quiet as well as NPR. That's the easy approach, but who said life was supposed to be easy? Get some maps, games, coloring books, crayons, and fill up your phone with road songs--this is mostly a generation that has grown up on "Baby Shark" and must be taught "John Jacob Jingleheimerwhatever".

Organizing Your Route to Wichita Falls

Get genuine paper maps for the children and teach them the way to read the symbols and find the rivers, roads, state borders, and so on. Ask them to find fun things to do--"points of interest"--along the way and have each person select at least one tourist trap on the way, or one every day you are on your way. If you are traveling with pets, here is the possibility to get them outside and going a little during the day.

Car Games

Children and teenagers these days. They're just so obsessed with Snapchat and YouTube they may have neglected the joys of car activities. If you're unable to recall any, or if you detested them as a youngster and did not pay attention, have a go at these. You just need your imagination for these classic favorites. You and your spouse get to begin all the games until there's full buy-in.

· Name Game--name a name. The subsequent individual has to come up with a name whose first letter is the final letter of your name--George--Ellen--Nathaniel. You may make your very own specifications concerning nicknames and diminutives, subject to your children's age range as well as all round tendency with regard to hand to hand hostilities. Proper names, locations, automobiles--everything goes here.

· Punch Buggy--play this one while you can, since Volkswagen is halting manufacturing on the Bug. If you see one, you yell the color and punch buggy--"green punch buggy" and then--as quick as possible--"no punch backs". The victor then gets to GENTLY poke brothers and sisters in the arm--with zero retaliatory punch backs.

· Grandma Left for London--there are plenty of titles for this game, nevertheless in essence, you start with "Grandma left for London and she packed ......" The next person states exactly the same thing and adds an additional thing, and so forth. It's easier to proceed alphabetically to get beyond the 3rd round.

· I Spy--simple enough, just one tip. The item you describe has to be in the vehicle.

· My Cows--or billboards, or bridges. Pick the item, and the person who spots it first gets the points. If you are proceeding through a farm part and see genuine livestock, be sure you count swiftly.

Sing Songs

Put family-friendly, fun to sing tunes on your gadget, and provide the kids the excitement of the previously mentioned John Jacob. Allow them to instruct you on songs they've learned, also--but one Baby Shark per journey. Or Mommy's visiting London with an bare suitcase.


Prolonged times in the vehicle tend to be monotonous, and none of us needs to be constantly entertained. Play audiobooks--select books you happen to be all acquainted with, so if somebody dozes off they don't miss something. Nothing beats Harry Potter for road trip listening.

Avoid being the mean mom and dad and block all their technology nevertheless do try to reduce it by providing other suggestions to do. A lot of screen time may make everyone a bit dialed out and grumpy, and this is certainly not the time to encourage the grouchies. Soon enough, the professional movers in Wichita Falls will be unloading the truck and you'll be in the course of unpacking your new residence. The youngsters can escape to their new spaces and never be seen again. Use this time to force a bit of old-school amusement on them--years from now, these shall be fond remembrances.


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