Methods to Move Your Houseplants and Aquariums

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman 

Moving Plants Professional movers will do everything they can to help you move specialty items to Wichita Falls, from fine art to sensitive electronics. Regardless of measurements, weight, or difficulty to handle, your movers can probably handle the work. But, there are certain things that movers are not legally able to move, and for good purpose. Moving trucks are dim, not temperature-controlled, plus the interior of the truck can go unmonitored for several days to more than a week over the moving process. This is exactly why movers cannot deal with anything living for you, including furniture-like living things including houseplants and aquariums.

However, because items can't go in the moving truck does not imply we cannot assist you to look after them. Specialty item moving is often a tricky project and we're here to work with you all the way. Even with stuff that will have to be moved to Wichita Falls within your vehicle.

How to Move Houseplants

Check the Regulations

If you're moving to Wichita Falls across state lines, make sure all of your plant species are permitted in. Some areas have got rigorous laws about introducing new plant types.

Re-Pot in Light Plastic Pots

Sizeable, hefty, and ceramic pots aren't convenient for moving. They are harder to lift and a lot more apt to break by mistake during the move. Repot your houseplants in lightweight plastic pots if at all possible to make them far better to move rapidly and adequately.

Pack the Soil with Damp Paper

To keep the soil from spilling, pack the top of your pot with damp paper. This tends to keep the soil from becoming dry and from spilling in your car or truck.

Place in Roomy Boxes with Air Holes

Your houseplants need protection along with a satisfactory growing ambiance amidst the move. Think about tall boxes like wardrobe boxes for larger plants. Be sure to pack the pot firmly at the base to avoid slipping while allowing lots of space for the leaves and stems. You might think about cutting your plants down for the move to Wichita Falls to make sure they are easier to transport.

Going with Your Plants

If you have not many plants, securing them into your backseat is the ideal choice. Otherwise, think about a small trailer for a large bunch of plants. Make sure to keep your interior of the car a supportive neutral temperature and you should not water them unless of course they end up very dry. Look out for extreme temperatures. Should you stop along the way, bring the plants inside and open them up to get some light.

Consider Taking Cuttings Instead

If moving your plants might appear to be a whole lot of work nevertheless you still desire them as part of your new residence, take into consideration taking small cuttings to restart with and gifting your current potted collection to pals or even selling them to obtain a little extra moving cash.

Ways to Move a Fish Tank

Pack in Their Water

As you may know already, the water inside of a fish tank is properly balanced for healthy fish which means your fish would be better transported in their own water. To make certain this water is properly balanced but also as clean as possible, replace about 20% from the tank water daily for 5 days prior to the trip and stop feeding your fish for a day prior to the trip. This will reduce waste in the water making your fish more healthy on the move. Fish can survive for roughly a week without food if well-fed prior to the move to Wichita Falls.

For Few Fish, Transport in sturdy Plastic Bags

If you happen to simply have a small number of fish in a small aquarium, it is possible to pack them in a single or two sturdy plastic bags. Make sure the bags are filled up with water out of your fish tank. This is how fish get home from the pet shop also it ought to be safe for the little swimming pets en route to another house.

For Numerous Fish, Separate into Five Gallon Containers

Should you have a great bunch of fish inside of a large tank, pick up a number of 5-gallon containers with lids which seal tightly. Fill the containers with tank water and space out your fish amongst them, being sure not to crowd the fish a lot in any one container.

Moving Your Fish

Fish in bags could be loaded inside Styrofoam in boxes. Fish inside containers must be secured within your backseat where they'll move the smallest amount. Be mindful with regards to transport temperature, particularly if traveling in the summer or winter months. Bring your fish inside along with you if you stop at hotels en route.

Take into consideration Working with a Pet Shop

Certain pet shops will assist you to transport and in some cases board your fish. This can be the most suitable solution when it may take you some hours to get the fish tank set back up once again within your new house.

Aquarium together with you or maybe the Movers

Last but not least, determine what you'd like to do with the aquarium tank. Totally emptied and thoroughly cleaned, your movers can deal with it as a specialty item moving in the moving van itself to Wichita Falls. Having said that, in the event you may get to your new house ahead of the moving company, you may want to carry the fish tank inside your trunk instead.

Ready to get started planning your move to Wichita Falls, including your plants and fish? Click here to find out how we can assist!