Planning a Last-Minute Move to Wichita Falls Over the Late Summer Rush

Packing and MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

When planning a move, you know that you must have a fair bit of time to arrange for packing, reserving time with the moving company in Wichita Falls, and your trip with the moving van. Most of us have a few months of advance notice to plan their move and properly reserve the moving services they need. But sometimes, a move unfolds upon us abruptly. Maybe you are transferred to a new job and a whole new location with your workplace, possibly there is a family crisis and you must traverse the state quickly. And unfortunately, these abrupt moving plans sometimes occur smack-dab during the summer time moving season rush when moving companies are at their busiest levels and most booked.

The good news is that you're not caught needing to DIY the full move with a rented truck. You might still obtain the professional moving company services you'd normally count on with the right approaches plus a little flexibility. Presently, we are here to provide a handful of helpful suggestions on carrying out a last-minute move to Wichita Falls even if it occurs within the end of summer season rush.

Complete Much of Your Packing DIY

What truly matters for many people is having the boxes loaded in the moving truck, the weighty household furniture properly moved, and the large moving truck managed by knowledgeable professional movers. Nevertheless what about packing? Packing can be quite time intensive, so if you're considering a DIY pack job, here are some things to remember.

You're more than effective at folding your closet into boxes and also hanging bags. With a few online tutorials, you can actually figure out how to make full use of packing paper and dish packing grids to ensure your plates, cookware, and memorabilia are securely packed. No doubt, you'll be able to pack up all the not-so-delicate things within your closets and you might even be in a position to recruit buddies, neighbors, or colleagues to get it done faster should you be prepared to pay them in pizza.

Even though you may elect to not have a professional moving company in Wichita Falls assist you to pack, they will assist you to equip yourself to pack adeptly with all the cartons, packing supplies, furniture blankets, and dish grids you will need to do it correctly. And, if you get a portion of the packing finished and are aware that you are in over your head, don't be reluctant to pick up the phone and get in touch with your local moving company to seek help.

Be Available to Move on Weekdays

Weekends are the top demand time for moving services regardless of what season it is. It could possibly really not be possible to identify a summer time weekend which is not booked. Yet weekdays are different. Due to the fact considerably fewer people are open to manage the moving process on mondays to fridays, movers frequently have these days, or maybe open hours throughout weekdays, open and available for last-minute movers who didn't book a saturday or sunday many months beforehand.

For many people who must move all of a sudden, weekdays tend to be less of a problem since your typical schedule and plans have already been switched on their head. When your employer is moving you, you might be able to request a couple of extra compensated days off to manage the abrupt move. If you're transitioning employers, you could have enough time at home on weekdays to deal with this scheduling quirk.

And if you cannot be available on weekdays, you may be able to talk with a friend or neighbor who is around who could oversee the move for you while you are on the job.

Talk with Your Movers and Request Guidance

Finally, do not be bashful to inquire of your moving company for extra suggestions. Professional movers in Wichita Falls recognize much better than anyone else what it is like to manage a hurried moving job and will be more than happy to give a handful of pointers. Talk to your movers regarding your mutual timetables to determine the right days where both you and they are available and think about any suggestions they give on how to make the timetable work.

Your movers might even have valuable suggestions and knowledgeable tips from many years of know-how regarding how to pack up quicker, how to keep your cherished things safe and sound while hurrying, and what to do concerning un-movable things like houseplants, pets, or your chemistry set collection.


Moving at the eleventh hour, even throughout the summer moving rush, does not have to indicate carrying it out all yourself. If you're ready to work with your moving company in Wichita Falls, we will assist you in finding the right dates, times, and techniques to get the whole thing done on time to the top level of quality even when there isn't any time to generate meticulous moving plans.


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