Things People Forget to do When Moving to Wichita Falls

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving to a new homeIn case you are like the majority of homeowners who happen to be preparing to move to Wichita Falls, you wish to do all you can to ensure that your move progresses effortlessly. One of the best approaches to achieve a smooth move to Wichita Falls is to try to plan for your move well ahead of time and ensure you avoid a few of the frequent oversights folks make during the moving process. Here is a glance at the top 5 details individuals overlook to accomplish when moving.

1) Obtain care for youngsters and pets

Occasionally homeowners may become so consumed in the preparing activity that they forget to take into account their youngsters or family pets. Large moving company trucks, cutting tools, hefty equipment, and unknown people inside your home could be upsetting for small children and family pets and might place them at increased possibility for injury. Make sure you get in touch with a reliable friend or family member well before your move to supply you with safe care for your young ones and also pets.

2) Obtain parking for moving vehicles

Securing a good amount of parking for professional mover's vans is crucial for making the most of efficiency and reducing labor with your move. If you reside in a highly congested area or even share a driveway with other people, it's especially important to stake out parking places for moving trucks. Make sure you acquire convenient parking at your old residence and your new one.

3) Label cartons

Not many things are more demoralizing than gazing at numerous boxes and crates and having not a clue exactly where your laptop, coffee maker, and basics are packed. Far worse, some people may carelessly find a box that they believe is filled with bath towels, only to make the unpleasant finding that the box holds their breakable antique clock. You'll be able to avoid these types of pitfalls through stocking up on markers & labels and checking each box to be certain it's clearly labeled prior to loading it on a truck.

4) Inform key people concerning their relocation

It's your task as a property owner to contact your bank, credit card providers, insurance carrier, and other main contacts to notify them of your impending move. So that you are thorough, it is a good option to make use of all of these methods of communication here to inform your connections:

· Email: Distribute an email with your new home address in addition to moving date 30 days before you relocate. Resend the message after you have moved in.

· Phone: Make a list of your key contacts and call them. You should definitely talk to an actual person instead of leaving a message.

· Online Updates: Set aside a couple of hours to bring up to date all your online account profiles using your new address.

You can even send your primary contacts a postcard indicating your move. This is an excellent strategy in case you have associates who aren't routinely online.

5) Invest in durable packing supplies

Old quilts, towels, bubble wrap, and durable cartons play a vital purpose in the moving process. Old blankets and bath towels may be used to place over furniture as well as appliances to protect them from harm if they shift in the moving van during transit. And bubble wrap can work miracles to guard your smaller sized belongings when setting them in boxes ahead of the move. If perhaps you're short on cartons, check area liquor stores, groceries, and book stores. A number of local moving companies in Wichita Falls can provide used boxes, also.

What is the key to a streamlined, successful move to Wichita Falls?

The one preferred approach to avoid the issues layed out above is to seek the services of a dependable moving company in Wichita Falls. A trained group of professional movers can remove the majority of the problems specified above so you're able to give attention to adjusting to your new residence. Uncover the numerous advantages of hiring professional movers by contacting A-1 Freeman in Wichita Falls today!


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