Why Corporate Relocation to Wichita Falls Does Not Have to Be Difficult.

Corporate Relocation - A-1 FreemanRelocating company employees or new hires to another town or state because business is growing and scaling is a perfect situation. Locating exceptional talent and moving them to you is how companies continue to grow and evolve. No matter the reason, the nuances of corporate relocation to Wichita Falls will make all the difference if the objective is a simple transition for current or future employees and your business, while also maximizing productivity.

Attracting, retaining and developing top talent is a high priority for many employers. Whether you are the business owner or head the HR department, you know that employee relocation goes much further than endorsing moving expenses. A company's finest resources are the ones that bring productivity and profitability. Committing to a whole relocation program for employees will not only attract and keep the best talent but will also provide a competitive boost to the company. A comprehensive relocation package should align with any talent management agenda.

As the individual entrusted with supervising an employee relocation program, you will have your share of duties to get done such as:

  • Seek out those who are excellent candidates for mobility and letting them know ahead of a relocation opportunity.
  • Plan the budget for every relocating employee. The moving expenses for a single person who is renting will most likely be different than a family of four that owns their residence. How will employees be compensated? Will they receive a lump sum, be reimbursed, have a set budget? These are a few things to work out so that the company and employee both benefit in this transition.
  • Settling on a relocation contract is a must when uprooting someone's life. What if the cost of living is higher in the new city? Is there a pay adjustment? Will there be support with the selling and buying of a house?

The above are just a few of the many tasks that HR will orchestrate, and we have not touched on the hiring of a mover yet.

Researching a professional and capable corporate relocation company is a task in itself. Depending on the level of relocation package, communication will be between the mover and HR or the employee. There will also be reporting oversight HR will have to adhere to when overseeing employee relocation. A moving company that will monitor and keep track of everything from tracing shipments to invoicing and quickly handling claim settlements all while giving you 24-hour access is a good start. Doing your due diligence to meticulously research corporate relocation company choices and making the best selection will lessen the burden on employees, the HR department and the company.

The A-1 Freeman Moving Group Difference

A-1 Freeman Moving Group offers a whole suite of employee mobility services. We can relocate employees, groups and workspaces while addressing and facilitating all of the requirements and reporting a company has within their relocation program.

We engage quite a few processes to assure satisfaction, below is a high-level outline of our employee relocation process:

  • Corporate Needs Assessment
  • Corporate Profile Creation
  • Employee Education
  • Employee Move Assistance
  • Ongoing Communication Throughout
  • Post-Move Follow-Up

Moving is a strenuous job even if all you have to supervise is logistics. Depending on the scope of the move, relocating can be complicated and time-consuming. With over 40 years in the moving industry, A-1 Freeman has a established system engaged to make the most difficult relocations a smooth passage.

We are not a company that gloats; we allow our work and satisfied clients do that for us, but here are a couple items that give us an edge.

We offer a myriad of corporate relocation services including:

  • Full-service loading and unloading
  • Packing
  • Tear down and reassembly
  • Storage
  • Climate controlled shipping
  • Unpacking

And much more...

  • We have seasoned and trained crews of movers and drivers that certified with background checks and drug tests. Our employees are adept and safety-aware all of the time.
  • We provide a dedicated project manager that will coordinate with you and your employees from start to finish.
  • Domestic and global relocation solutions.

We know that we are not merely providing transportation for belongings146 but transporting lives to Wichita Falls. Our aim is to produce a safe and efficient moving service while giving all involved peace of mind. We will assist to take the burden away from your employees, the worry away from the HR department and get your company back in business.

For more information on how our corporate employee relocation solutions can help you, contact us anytime!