Managing Pet Stress During Your Move to Wichita Falls

Moving with PetsBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving your family is hectic irrespective of how you view it and managing to keep the typical tension at bay for the humans is often rather a difficult task. Yet while you are ensuring your kids are fine with leaving their schools, pals, and communities, remember that Ruffie and Leo get stressed out and want a little bit more TLC, also. And of course, dogs and cats react to environmental transitions in various ways, so you will need a big head for all the counseling hats you've got to put on throughout the move to Wichita Falls. Animals which live a contained existence usually do not have the emotional bond you might have with your felines and canines--fish in a tank just do not pull on your heartstrings similar to the puppy may when he looks at you at mealtime.

Here is how you might keep your pets relaxed and content when you move to Wichita Falls--so at least someone in the family isn't a tense wreck.


Cats are inclined to attach to locations more than people--accounts of cats who are included with the houses are not really apocryphal. They are a worry when they are outside cats and you are executing a long distance move--cats are known to depart the new house to return "home". This is not such a concern if you are going down the block, otherwise, it's a tremendous challenge.

Give consideration to it--your cats do not go to the door to go for an adventure when you pick up your car keys; they are perfectly happy to keep sunning themselves on the windowsill--up to when you begin packing and the windowsill vanishes in back of a pile of boxes. Here is how to deal with your felines.

· Contain free-range cats, commencing a few weeks before you move to Wichita Falls. Get them familiar with remaining indoors with you--if this would mean late-life cat litter box teaching, so be it. Lure them into a cat carrier for a couple of hours each day, so that they are not yowling maniacs once you put them in your car or truck. Take the cats out for brief excursions when you're running errands--certainly in the carrier.

· Moving day, place the cat and all kitty essentials within a room in your home with the door shut. As soon as the professional movers have loaded the moving trucks and you're all set to depart, place Kitty into the carrier. If your cat does not travel well, a veterinarian might prescribe something, so she doesn't have a breakdown in the car, hence leading to you as well as the family dog and the kids to have their own mini-meltdowns.

· Once you are established in the new house, duplicate the moving-out method for several days. Keep the pet cats within an area with their things, while you manage the hubbub of moving, unpacking, and settling in. Even with inside kitties, they're going to be happier--and less likely to illustrate their discontent by ignoring the litter box--if you wait until you have settled in a bit to permit them to roam free inside your home.

· For outdoor felines, they will require some time to get accustomed to the new scents of the house and also to understand this is the place their people are, before they should be let out to roam. Put a bowl of food outdoors to help remind them where home is.


Your pup simply likes to be around you, but he will get concerned when you are troubled. Dog stress is greatest pre-move, so here's how to keep Spot calm and cool when you're losing your head.

· Take sufficient time for packing, for anyone who is packing yourself. Watching a little activity day by day is not a huge problem; going to doggie camp for the day and coming home to a vacant house is going to freak him out.

· Stay in your typical schedule--walks, dinner time, whatever you do, keep doing it.

· Bring up to date the contact details if he is microchipped; you can normally go online to make those changes.

· At the new residence, show him the backyard, take him out for a walk, and be sure meal time is consistent.

Fish, Hamsters, Birds

Secure the cages in the back of your vehicle or make use of a pet mover to handle them. As aquariums and fish may be a nightmare to transport, you could think about offering the aqua-pets to an elementary school.

Obtain duplicates of your pet's vet files before you move to Wichita Falls, so you have the whole set of immunization details on hand if you need to board prior to when you see the new vet.

Keeping the family pets content as you move to Wichita Falls goes a long way in direction of keeping you happy. Following these tips will certainly alleviate the strain of relocating the pets, at least.


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