What to Expect with Your Long Distance Move

What to Expect with Your Wichita Falls Long-Distance Residential Move

A-1 Freeman Moving Group is genuinely loved by clients who must move far from Wichita Falls. Long-distance moving is a specialty of ours. We’ve been helping customers do it for ages, after all. The better part of our help involves our being a paragon of strength, confidence, and proficiency for those who have no experience moving from state to state or across the country. Our fastidious attention to detail, our savvy professionalism, and our wide array of adaptable, personalized moving services never fail to get the desired results. You’ll perceive that surely enough in how smoothly we handle …

The Moving Process

We take care of each and every one of these activities associated with your move:

FREE Ballpark Pricing

We’ll apprise you generally what it will cost you to move once you’ve first met with us and we’ve determined the types of moving services required to get you into your new home, however far away it is. To be sure, this ballpark estimate can increase or decrease, depending on the services you ultimately choose.

The Home Survey

Our purpose – always – is to accommodate your needs and work with your schedule. This is the rationale for our offering two estimating choices. Choose whichever one seems most convenient:

  1. In-Home Consultation. One of our experienced estimators gets together with you at your home to review the elements of your move and perform a room-by-room assessment of the items you’ll need transported.
  2. Video Inventory. You’ll link to our estimator by means of your cell phone and record a video of yourself performing a walk-through of your home as you clearly indicate what requires moving. It’s the ultimate in technological convenience!

The Written Estimate

After initially talking with you, taking the move options you’ve chosen into account, and analyzing the results of your Home Survey, we deliver a written estimate that more precisely presents the cost of your long-distance move.

The Customer Agreement

Signing this agreement – your move contract – confirms that you’re in agreement with our terms and pricing. Noted in the agreement are …

  • the cost of the move,
  • safety and insurance information,
  • the move locations,
  • move dates and times, and
  • descriptions of the moving services you’ve chosen.

The Move Plan

At this stage, you’ll be introduced to your personal A-1 Freeman Moving Group Move Concierge. He or she will guide you in planning the various details of your move. It begins with an affirmation of the dates, addresses, and services you’ve picked. Then you’ll be alerted regarding what to expect from your move. Go ahead, ask questions! That’s precisely what your Move Concierge is here for – to provide you with answers, keep you updated throughout the move process, and keep that process going smoothly, expeditiously, and seamlessly.

The Pre-Move Confirmation

When your move date is near, we contact you by phone or email to confirm it, making sure all dates, times, locations, and other essentials still work for you. This also serves to bolster your confidence that we’ll be on time and right on the spot when required.


We provide three ways to help simplify the process of packing. select the one that best satisfies your preferences and your finances:

  1. Pack by yourself; if you like, we can deliver the packing materials.
  2. Let our movers help you pack everything.
  3. Opt for our custom-designed plan: you begin the packing and we help by packing specialty items.


Our loading approach is simple, methodical, safe, and efficient:

  • Truck and crew pull up.
  • Crew introduce themselves.
  • Crew performs a walk-through of your home to familiarize themselves with it and the belongings they’ll be shipping.
  • Crew readies home to safeguard it: stair railings, tight corners, doors and doorjamb are padded; carpets are covered to keep high-traffic areas free of dirt and damage.
  • Moving boxes are labeled and inventoried by room, taking into account your needs as you settle into your new home.
  • Things such as beds, entertainment centers, and swing sets are skillfully broken down for transport.
  • Quality checks are performed throughout the loading process.
  • Communication also is maintained with your Move Concierge.


At your new home we remain careful and methodical in unloading and placing your possessions.

  • We use padding and carpet covers to safeguard you new home from any move-in damage.
  • We systematically set your belongings in the rooms you want them in.
  • We reassemble those things we broke down for the move.
  • If you prefer that we unpack items for you, just indicate so and we’ll take care it.
  • We can, if you want, also dispose of all the empty boxes and packing materials when your move is over.

The Post-Move Follow-up

Following the move, your Move Concierge will phone you to see if everything went to your approval. He or she also will talk with you about any concerns that may still need attention. More important than that, though, your Move Concierge will, speaking for all of us at A-1 Freeman Moving Group, THANK YOU for picking us as your long-distance moving partner!


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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