Moving a Flat Screen Television to Wichita Falls

moving a flat screen TVBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Let's face it. Some belongings are much easier to move compared to others. If you imagine items that are really a pain to move, typically large, bulky stuff like the reclining chair or the fridge come to mind. Flat screen TVs aren't unusually weighty, but they definitely take some special awareness to be able to stay secure and unharmed whilst moving. Irrespective of whether you are moving yourself or employing a professional moving company in Wichita Falls to help, there are a few items that you want to be aware of when moving your flat screen television. 


Prior to you making any movements on the way to packing up the TV, snap a handful of quick photos of the numerous wires and connections so that you will have a visual blueprint when you are hooking everything back up when you get to your new house. Subsequently, meticulously remove all cords and cables. Coil them up and secure them with a twist tie or rubber band and pack them into a box. As well, make sure you label the container. If the television has got a base or wall bracket, remove that as well. These things could be packed in the same TV accessory box as the cabling. Make certain and place all screws directly into baggies and once again, label them. There is no need to have to speculate which screws go to which things when you are reassembling everything at the destination, and with the mayhem which typically arises close to moving day, do not depend entirely on your memory with regards to ensuring all the things gets put together as it was before. Additionally, while you're at it, put any remote controls in your TV accessory box, too. 


With a little good fortune, you had moving day in mind when you got your flat panel Television, and therefore, you retained the original TV package and inserts. Nevertheless, if you are like many people, you didn't want a substantial empty box cluttering up your garage or basement, so you disposed of it (hopefully via recycling). In the event the later may be the case, you can purchase a carton and corner guards from your moving materials store as well as from the local moving company. Be sure to get a container which is large enough to fit around the TV with a bit of spare space for cushioning. Cover the TV meticulously in a few moving blankets, put the corner guards on and glide it in the container. 


The most secure method to move your flat panel Television is to always ensure that it stays vertical. So that you can make sure that it remains to be in the correct placement in the moving truck, secure it beside a mattress or something that is sturdy, such as a chest of drawers or bookshelf. Make certain and keep the box of cabling and extras close by for easier unpacking.

When you arrive at your new home, invert the routine and before you realize it, your flat screen Television could be all set to broadcast the newest cartoon motion picture or big game.

And, in the event all this appears excessively mind boggling to tackle by yourself, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group or perhaps your local moving company in Wichita Falls a call. They are ready to help make certain that your flat panel Television arrives at your destination unharmed.


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