Moving Blankets are a Must Have on Moving Day

packing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

When you plan to move, the majority of people determine a date, call a moving company in Wichita Falls, and obtain moving supplies. Cartons, tape, and also packing paper are usually on top of the list, then followed by a roll of bubble wrap which the children will try to steal away to bounce on. Though these kinds of must-have supplies are necessary, making certain you have moving blankets accessible will in addition allow your moving day to proceed efficiently.

Moving blankets are the primary factor to making certain your beds, bookcases, and the beloved bronze statue of your cat, Morris, turn up safely at their new destination. Think about them as the pals which go the extra mile along with your home furnishings, keeping your items protected from the damage that quite often happens on moving day. Your local moving company in Wichita Falls can determine how many blankets you will want to protect your large items.

When Do You Use Moving Blankets?

Professional movers in Wichita Falls make use of moving blankets with every moving job, and you need to as well. Utilize moving blankets to wrap your expensive things and keep them free from danger, secure, and clean when they are being moved. Since these cushioned cloths are meant to absorb shock, moving blankets can prevent your beloved table or dining room chairs from getting harmed throughout transit.

Moving blankets can also be used to safeguard your corners, banisters, and also doorways during a move. Cover damage-prone locations in your house with moving blankets to provide a level of protection as furniture and other belongings are being moved.

How Can I Utilize Them?

Furniture blankets are usually 6 or 7 feet each side and also include several layers of filler materials (cotton, polyester, as well as nylon) stitched with each other just like a bedspread. Moving blankets are generally two-sided, generally having a lighter-colored side along with a more dark side. Make use of the lighter side of the blanket to wrap your items which require additional protection during the move. The darker side will need to face out.

If traveling across the country, insert additional moving blankets inside the gaps between cartons and household furniture for preventing moving of things in the moving truck. For even more protection, place plastic over your belongings if it's raining during your move, because moving blankets will not be waterproof.

Are Moving Blankets Worth It?

Absolutely. They are a straightforward, inexpensive approach to prepare your items to be transported. Moving blankets are the ideal equipment to have on moving day for a couple factors:

· They not just protect your old kitchen tables from being banged up with dings, but they make sure your urns, glass slippers, and lamps arrive at your storage unit or at your new residence in one piece.

· Moving blankets keep your nightstands free of dirt, dust, and debris, and decreases the potential of your mirrors shattering during the move, preventing you from having 7 years of bad luck.

Moving day needn't be stressful. Contact us today to make sure your move is organized as well as stress-free. Our professional movers in Wichita Falls are experienced, patient, and helpful, and are equipped to assist you with your local or cross-country moving job.


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