Organizing Now Can Save On Hassle After Your Move to Wichita Falls

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group
Updated Post from 08/31/2017 
Moving - Unpacking BoxesNo matter you have just finished a long distance move or a local move to Wichita Falls, you’ve gone through the operation of getting all of your possessions from your old place, and now you’re facing an entire stack of boxes and bags after your move here in Wichita Falls. Well, don’t commence unpacking quite yet! There are a few steps that you can perform that’ll create a better post-move experience. So prior to removing the first bit of tape from your packages, study these few things to save some time and hassle.
  1. Take the time to clean and paint before you start unpacking everything. It’s a lot easier to wipe down the baseboards, sweep the floors, and remove any wayward cobwebs prior to taking out your pictures, shelves, and other decorations.
  2. After you’ve got your walls and floors cleaned up and in good condition, distribute your boxes to their destination. Begin unpacking one room at a time to help keep things focused and organized. It will also help keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the size of work you have in front of you.
  3. After you’ve moved and you’re starting the unpacking process, you’ll start to see that you moved some objects with you that you really don’t need anymore. This occurs with everyone despite how much clutter they try to remove. Even people who have had garage sales prior to their move will invariably end up with a few items they can’t use. Go ahead and collect these items up and give them to a local charity.
By taking a bit of time to organize yourself after your local move or interstate move to Wichita Falls, you’ll end up with a much calmer and easier experience. And as common knowledge dictates, the less stress you have throughout a move the better. There are so many moving parts that you’ll be grateful to have some order. And if you want a highly organized residential move from start to finish, be sure to give us a call. Our experienced moving crews will definitely keep you on the right path.

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