Packing 101: College Packing Tips From the Moving Company Pros

Moving to CollegeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

It is just about time for college to commence, and mothers and fathers everywhere are about to depart on the most terrifying component of sending kids to college. No, we are really not speaking of paying college tuition - they have a large amount of guidance on that part. Student loan administrators, admissions advisors, as well as personal finance pros can show them how to plan for every higher education expenditure ahead. The real worry at this point is the challenge of packing and moving your kiddo into their college dorm room! Where are all the professionals to assist with that?

Your college dorm packing help is below. Take it from the packing and moving company professionals at A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Wichita Falls; you've got this, parents! Picking out new coordinating room furnishings and desk amenities is usually a lot of fun for kids and enthusiastic parents but fitting it all in position is probably not so exciting. It does not take a structural engineering major to pack for college, however listed here are a professional moving company’s tips to help you maximize your child's modest dorm area without the stress.

· The dorm space is going to be modest and potentially a shared room - So compose a list of the significant things that you need to begin with. You may want to get started with this list yourself before you involve your student. Let's be honest, your son or daughter is a lot more prone to leave toothpaste before they abandon their Wireless speakers.

o Personal health - Start out with a small plastic caddy with a handle. It is easy to keep your products separate from your roommate's, and it is straightforward to snatch and go if you need to get in and out of a group bathroom. Be sure it is durable. There are usually many trips down the hallway within the next couple of years.

o Bedding - Twelve stuffed toys which consume your child's bed at your home is not necessary bedding. Start out with the bed sheets, blanket, and pillow/pillowcase. You should definitely check with the college if particular sized sheets are necessary. Throw pillows look wonderful the first day you put together the space, however in a small room environment they may be cast aside often. Keep the throw pillows to a minimum.

o School supplies - We should remember exactly what your son or daughter is moving into a dorm for. When possible, find out ahead of time if there is built-in storage within the desk area. You might want to pack a couple of small desk organizers. Make sure you go vertical with stacking compartments because desktop area will likely be minimal. You may want a smallish light for any late-night studying in the event the roommate needs to go to sleep, but your student has to study late for a major exam. A clip-on clamp style mount is effective because it can be utilized on the desk or other areas.

· Coordinate with your new roomie - You certainly don't need to have 2 mini fridges, 2 microwaves, and 2 TV’s. The number one college move-in mistake - double dipping on appliances. Don't stress about deciding on the totally matched appliances, realize the roomie already has it in place. Keep in mind, there will be restricted room in the college dormitory, and limited electric outlets too. Speaking of limited outlets, make sure and add a surge protector or a couple of them to the list.

· Check with the school about items that you aren't able to have in your dorm - Obviously, this could easily eliminate some dorm packing worry right from the start.

· Don't pack clothes for the entire year - Only take what is required for the season or until the next time you'll be heading home. Parents, they'll be back - faster than you imagine. Closet and drawer space absolutely are a premium in dorms, thus only think about one semester at a time. The difficult part is ensuring that the student brings home the garments they won't require for the next semester so there will be available space for the replacement clothes.

· Make sure and bring cleaning necessities, hand sanitizer and masks - Taking into consideration the current Covid-19 status, additional safeguards are needed. It is easy to visualize your undergraduate residing in a bubble in the properly arranged dorm room. However this can't be any further from the reality. It will be close quarters and things will likely be shared, therefore having a option for cleaning them is crucial.

OK, Mom and Dad, you've got this. Break it down to fundamentals and organize as far as possible together with the roommate and school dorm representatives. You've provided an education for your child that has equipped her or him for a prosperous college or university career. So do not get schooled by over packing for your student's college dorm! There is always more moving and packing advice provided at the A-1 Freeman Moving Group website. Make sure and give it a look.


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