Protecting Your Home to Prevent Cold Weather Damage: What New Homeowners Need to Know

Protecting Your New Home for WinterBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group

Summer is a common time of year for moving to a new home in Wichita Falls. For beginner homeowners, this is a period which is packed with thrill and enthusiasm as you get to depart on a fresh quest with your family while getting all moved in and settled. Additionally it is a time of year when you need to commence thinking about how to safeguard your home from the severe elements of imminent winter weather which is coming up next as the seasons change. Should you be new to the arena of homeownership, here are some tips to ensure your home is wintertime ready this season:

Install Faucet Covers

Repairing burst water lines and faucets can be an a costly issue, particularly for new homeowners who might possibly have shelled out a significant amount of money to move to Wichita Falls to their new house in the first place. Before freezing weather makes its presence felt, be sure you install insulated faucet covers on all the faucets on the exterior of your residence. This is additionally a good time to check any vulnerable piping around your home and wrap it up as needed.

Clean the Gutters

If at all possible, you should have rain gutters with built in covers or screens to prevent vegetation and debris from getting into the drainage reservoirs to begin with, nevertheless, if not, then you need to attempt to clean them out prior to when the winter weather has arrived. Stopped up gutters get bogged down with water and additional weight if they are not draining correctly, and this can result in the gutters falling off your home.

Clean the Walkways

Foliage as well as other landscape rubble will become slippery if it begins to get rotten and decay in rain as well as snowy conditions, and so this might lead to slip and fall risks. Take a proactive method to safeguard your loved ones along with visitors from incident and blow the debris away prior to when cold weather begins.

Seal Doors and Windows

Drafts squander significant energy and will lead to higher priced heating bills when frigid weather sets in. Check each individual door and window in your home and see if you can feel a draft blowing through. Foam strips are a quick and economical approach to seal up the drafts in doors and windows. They come in a number of different thicknesses as well as types, and have adhesive backs, to make sure they will adhere to almost any surface. Down the road, you can think about investing in storm or replacement windows and doors that should perform a considerably better job insulating your residence all climates and seasons of the year.

Hearth Evaluation and Cleaning

Chimney fires can be a serious problem that may be prevented with some attention before Mother Nature turns down the temperature. Creosote buildup and bird's nests tend to be the most typical factors behind chimney fires and can be cleaned out rapidly by a skilled chimney sweep, who will employ specific instruments as well as brushes to completely clean out soot and creosote debris.

Furnace Upkeep

Now could be the right time to pay a visit to the furnace, change the air filters, and make sure the machine is operating as it should. Your furnace should automatically recognize once the temperature declines in your home and kick on consequently. Once you have verified that your furnace is functioning properly, move around the house and look at each and every heater vent to ensure they are open and clear of hindrances.

Safeguard Outdoor Furniture and Gas grills

Nasty wintertime weather elements might cause your backyard grill as well as outdoor furniture to corrode and decay. Prior to when winter begins, purchase a bbq grill cover and patio furniture covers. Clean your stuff, allow it to dry completely, and then securely cover it for the wintertime. Seating covers, cushions, and pillows should be kept in the car port until warm conditions present themselves once again in the springtime.

Plan ahead and defend your house and outdoor equipment from the extreme elements of winter. By making sure your property is winterized in the autumn season, it can save you money and time while not having to bear the burden of costly home repairs.

We at A-1 Freeman Moving Group have all the crews and resources on hand to assist you to move into your new house, and are able to offer you tips and advice on how to best defend your new investment when you're all moved in.

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