Six Methods to Keep the Crew Motivated For Your Office Move to Wichita Falls

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Office MovingSooner or later in the life cycle of your organization you are likely to move your workplace. A commercial relocation is often as anxious for you and your employees as a household goods move, only more so for you because you're accountable for your crew's well-being, too. Below are half a dozen ways to keep your staff encouraged and engaged throughout your office move to Wichita Falls.

Open Communication

Be as honest and clear as possible with your personnel. Tell them the causes for the move--enlargement, less expensive office space, or the need to be closer to infrastructure like railways or airports--and more to the point, make the move public as soon as possible. If your move is a result of downsizing, assure your remaining personnel that the move is a natural part of a constructive restructuring. Prepare a pre-move calendar with important dates--any task due dates, the days you'll be moving, the days that you are packing and loading. The greater information you provide, the better your staff can manage their duties through to the move day. In case something varies in your agenda, spread the word.

Call for Suggestions

Once you have chosen to make a move, accumulate input from your team--a wish list, if you will--about the location and the style of work place they would want. Whenever possible, involve the workers in the decision making--these are the individuals who got you where you are, therefore their feedback and suggestions ought to make a difference.

Deal with Commute Times, Transportation, and Parking

Every company is diverse, however there are a few constants across the board such as--everyone needs to commute to the office. In case you are in a small city, a move is not such a problem relating to things like parking garages, public transit, as well as traffic patterns because they usually are not a difficulty. In case those are factors for your workers, you'll need to contemplate how they effect their potential to get to and from the new location in a sensible time, and how and where they park should you be in an downtown area where parking is limited. Plan everyone's new travel and time, and if it's possible, offer to assist with transit fare or parking charges. Be open to flexible hours or work-from-home days for any staff who face lengthy driving times.

Provide Information on Child Care in Wichita Falls

Examine child care and after school care around the new area and offer to help cover any application fees for team members who need to make a change in day care.

Define Expectations, But Have Some Fun

It's not hard to get stuck in the nervousness and adrenaline rush--to the point that not much work gets done in the days preceeding the office move to Wichita Falls. Particularly if your move is long-distance, it's easy to overlook the tasks at hand when you are searching for a new house and trying to sell your old house and researching school choices and uprooting families. There'll be confusion and chaos, that being said allow your staff some slack--but be prepared to gently guide any wanderers back on track if they begin to slip.

Human nature being how it is, there's bound to be a tad of low morale and nervousness within the weeks leading up to the move. Again, if the move is cross country this will be much more apparent, so provide rewards for staying on target and positive. Schedule packing events or get-togethers for families on the weekends.

Supply an Information Packet on Wichita Falls

Even in this electronic era, an information packet is a fantastic item to get. The depth of the package is dependent upon the size of the move--if it's across town then you probably wouldn't have to investigate schools and local communities. For a transfer involving moving houses in addition to the business, there are certainly the points you'll need to discuss, including: subdivisions, school choices, daycare, places of worship, hospitals/health care, nearby retailers (supermarket, drugstore, shopping), places to eat, veterinarians, health clubs and after school programs.

As with any move, a commercial relocation to Wichita Falls will likely be hectic. By following these simple tips, it is possible to ease a part of that anxiety and make certain it's a favorable experience that leads to increased personnel retention, so that you can hit the ground running the initial working day in the new workplace.

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