Social Media and Moving to Wichita Falls

Social Media and MovingIn the past ahead of the online world, you were (metaphorically) lost when moving in a different town. You may choose to write or get in touch with the local Chamber of Commerce for information, or look through your alumni magazine to uncover a handful of contacts there, but by and large you learned about the right family doctor, health club, and dry cleaners by means of experimentation and maybe some wrinkled shirts.

As a result of social media tools such as Facebook, Nextdoor, as well as Pinterest, you can get the picture of things straight from your recliner before you even start to think of organizing your long-distance household move. Facebook supplies the most detailed choice of groups and pages, however Instagram will send you down a more off-the-beaten route for all sorts of things from contractors and interior decorators to dining places, stores, and also watering holes. Read on to obtain a high-level introduction to each social platform and the way they can help when moving to Wichita Falls.


Facebook is the Sears Holiday catalog for the 2000s--it has got something for everyone, but for newbies who have recently moved to town it's a valuable collection of information, including live and real-life ratings. The relevant groups and listings names fluctuate across the country yet look for these sorts of names.

· Moms in Charge (MIC)

MIC started out being a marketplace option to websites such as Craigslist in 2015 but has morphed to the go-to gurus--part dance studio suggestions, a part flea market, a portion counseling session--this organization possesses affiliates nationally. It's a closed community, which means you require an invitation, or ask to participate and the local site administrator authorizes you after having a speedy--typically algorithmic--look at your personal page, to make sure you're on the level. There are various other local moms' Facebook groups, as well, that you're certain to discover with just a simple search.

· Community City/Town Page

Virtually every hamlet and crossroads currently boasts a Facebook profile--it is typically operated by the economic advancement or parks and recreation office. It's a open public page and discusses anything from the fire division's managed burns to free cone day at the neighborhood ice cream shop. Town pages commonly link over to the city's site, which contains more extensive details on neighborhood events.


Nextdoor is an app for your mobile phone which takes the nearby social media happenings to a truly local point--building, street, addition, or even small town. You have to verify you live the place you say you do to be able to connect--they typically send a code to your address--so a particular group's membership will be securely regulated. You'll promptly discover more than perhaps you wish to know about all your new neighbors, and yes, who is not picking up their pup's poop is known to be a popular concern.


On the surface, Pinterest might appear to be the fish out of water here--it is simply images of food items and people's homes. If you're into design and you've moved to Wichita Falls, as an example, look up "architectural columns Wichita Falls" and you'll find old dwellings, local designers, along with anything else remotely related to that query. The same thing goes for cafes, retailers, spas, as well as other companies--shops fundamentally advertise on the site, however it opens more than the typical mall-and-chain store browsing expertise for newcomers.


Indeed, that identical LinkedIn which probably got you the new position in the new location is often a superb site for finding volunteer possibilities--the part of the site is LinkedIn For Good and can hook you up with the charities in town. Nothing compares to working with a cause you truly believe in to help you feel like an integral part of your new neighborhood.

The fantastic thing about employing social media to become acclimated soon after moving to Wichita Falls is that you are able to do it whenever you want from your recliner, as opposed to phoning over business hours and anticipating the best.


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