The Dreaded Moving Delay

Moving DelayBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

If there is a single thing it's possible to have confidence in if you are moving, it's that you cannot depend on anything. There are numerous moving parts (ba-dum) in the procedure, and so many players, that at some point something will go awry. Most people ready for a move plan out the front end of the move to the umpteenth degree and believe that once the moving vans drive out of the driveway everything is good.

Many people are wrong. Even the best-planned moves with quite possibly the most trustworthy and reputable moving companies in Wichita Falls might come to a snafu and cause your household possessions to reach your new home a few days beyond the target time.

What Can Cause Moving Setbacks?

1) Weather

Zipping along the road in the minivan just isn't really the same thing as lumbering along in a semi truck. Therefore, if the weather takes a turn, big rig drivers are the first to pull over and wait for factors to improve. This may result in anything from thirty minutes in a driving rain storm, to a few days if an ice storm hits en route. Getting the household to the new house unharmed is the goal, so sometimes the elements slows this down.

2) Street as well as Traffic Conditions

Summer is high season for lots of things--amongst them, road construction, vacationers on the road, and traffic mishaps. Highways are most jampacked in July and August, consequently a minor fender bender might back things up for several miles. Transportation authorities set work and maintenance during the hotter times, consequently check your route for construction hold-ups and plan for something to pop up that slows down the moving trucks--if they are backed up and arrive at a sizable town at rush hour, with many more hours to go, they could need to halt for the overnight. No one wants a tired team maneuvering over the interstate--it is just not worth it for anybody.

3) Season

Summer is probably the most convenient time for most people to transfer. Moving companies in Wichita Falls have finite resources--trucks along with workers. It really is a perfect storm for your move to be postponed on the front end--if the personnel got caught in undesirable traffic, weather conditions, or each on the job just before yours, they might not reach your home on the slated day.

If the delay dominoes commence to go down and impact your move, your move coordinator will alert you, and keep you up-to-date as they learn more regarding scheduling.

4) Logistical Surprises

Getting the moving vans to your new front door isn't always as basic as you'd probably believed. If you're moving to an urban area with restricted parking, that enormous truck might possibly not have a spot to park for a number of hours, and your possessions have to be packed onto smaller trucks that will fit on the street. Further, if your new residence is on an dirt curvy mountain route, a big truck won't be able to get through safely. Getting new trucks and reloading them may add time to the process.

How To Deal with A Delay

To be on the safe side, plan for a delay on either end of your move. These are the basic steps you can take when it seems like your movers won't show up or deliver when they're due.

To begin with, alter your views on "on time". Professional movers in Wichita Falls alert you beforehand that they're going to do their utmost to satisfy the planned schedules, but there's a window--as outlined previously, scenarios change and there is absolutely nothing that you can do if a weather event creates a twelve-car pile-up that leads to hitting the DC metro area at 5 pm.

· Let your real estate agent know there could be a delay in your departing

· Allow for a couple of days slack when you are cutting your utility service--this is not any time to not have water and Wi-Fi.

· If you will be boarding a pet, let the pup palace know you will require an extra day approximately.

· Book hotels in your new city if you get there first or take sleeping bags and camp out.

Adaptability is the key to managing any move, so if you're planning on what can go awry, you are way less inclined to have a predicament whenever it does.


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