Turn Your Long-Distance Move Wichita Falls into a Vacation

Long Distance Moving VacationBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

For young children, moves tend to be enormous interesting escapades. Maybe a little bit scary, nevertheless in the end a possibility to encounter interesting things. And we, as adults, should learn from that. Moving to Wichita Falls for many individuals is rather nerve-racking. You work hard for a long time choosing a new home, packing everything you own, and making ready the residence you are leaving to be left. When the big day unfolds to load up the truck and commence on the excursion to your new home, you might be fairly worn down, anxious not to mention feeling like taking a lengthy nap above and beyond driving for several hours to unpack everything once again.

Hold on. You're missing the trees for the forest here. The moment you shut up that moving truck to the time it shows up in Wichita Falls (several days later) at your new house: You're free. And perhaps better, you're presently packed up for a road trip with the fam. As an alternative to viewing this as the last long trek of your moving experience, consider it as a break. A reward you give yourself and your kids for concluding the difficult half of the move. Plus, you can accomplish it simply without having to break the bank.

Today, we're here to discuss some tips on converting your long-distance move to Wichita Falls into a low-cost family holiday.

Have a Picnic at Historic Markers

Among the easiest ways to include a bit of rest and fun into a required excursion is to have a picnic. At the "low, low cost" of a few sandwiches and sodas, you and the family members can certainly settle someplace full of sun with picnic tables and enjoy a splendid afternoon. Our nation's interstate system is unquestionably lined in captivating little places to stop, have a lunch break, and let your youngsters play for a little bit.

Our favorite are historical markers. Intriguing spots in which something historical happened once. Many of them have a sizable sign, possibly a statue, and some picnic tables next to a manicured grassy area for play. Some also have a playground or even a modest cost-free museum close by to make a few hours of it.

Go to Small Town Tourist Attractions

But if you want to make this an inexpensive escapade your youngsters will never forget, do a little hunting for small-town places of interest. Take your kids to a nearby carnival for fair food and Ferris wheel rides at an enjoyably negligible cost. Additionally, there are hundreds of strange and delightful community places of interest. Massive balls of string, fun tours of nearby caverns, petting zoos, not to mention small-town water amusement parks.

Your children can have so much fun discovering the joys of small-town America that they overlook this road trip has a purpose other than vacationing. And, regardless of how old and mature you are now, you're always permitted to relish riding merry-go-rounds and petting pigs together with your kids.

Arrange a Charmingly Economical Room

Of course, if you take time to play on the road trip, without doubt you will also need to locate a place to sleep for a overnight or two along the way. And this needn't be pricey either. Road tripping gives you the opportunity to stay in small town accommodations. You might notice they are more prone to have fresh fruit in the lobby, be brightly lit and well-cleaned, and sustain a better quality at reduced prices as compared to urban places to stay. To put it differently, charmingly budget friendly.

It is possible to get a two-queen room with all the customary features for under $75 per night. Or, with a little resourceful researching in getaway rental applications for instance Airbnb or VRBO, you just may find an affordable jewel, a little bungalow or close by flat for significantly less as opposed to local hotel prices.

Head to Museums and Theme Parks

Of course, if you have enough time plus a little excess moving budget to have fun, then you could commit to a full day of magnificent times in a more substantial point of interest. You can undoubtedly find a children's interactive science museum where your kids can create enormous bubbles or crawl all around within an atomic model for the cost of a family day pass.

You may even bring your kids to a real theme park. Medium-small cities often have a local amusement park that's every bit as fun but significantly less commercialized and costly compared to big-name theme parks. By knowing how to locate one, the kids may have the time of their life riding roller coasters and playing games, making this move the neatest thing that's transpired all year.


The road trip necessary for long-distance moving doesn't need to be a stress-filled drive while your children bicker about being stuck in the vehicle. Instead of stressing out, make a getaway of it! Stop at parks. Have picnics or go into bistros. Book comfy small-town accommodations and find the cool lesser-known museums and galleries and theme parks to explore. And whatever you do, don't forget to kick your feet up at some point and relax before getting back in the driver's seat.

This long-distance move to Wichita Falls might be the vacation you need ahead of getting to a new home to unpack and rebuild your family life someplace new.


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