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August 01, 2019

6 Ways to Ease Your Child's Fear of Moving to a New House

Moving with KidsBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

The idea of moving to a new home is not usually straightforward for children to handle. Small children as well as teenagers can experience anxiety at the notion of moving, and not always for the reasons you would possibly be expecting. Some youngsters are concerned about leaving their pals, a number of focus on the idea of moving to a different school. Numerous children are afraid of the thought of moving to Wichita Falls far from the primary residence they've ever known.

As numerous parents have discovered, uprooting your family and dealing with the aftermath is not the best way to handle worries of moving or even the unhappy feelings of exiting the old familiar neighborhood. Rather, the ultimate way to address moving nervousness in your kids is to always tackle it during the lead-up when you are packing and getting ready to go.

Here I will discuss our best tips concerning how to help your young child let go of their worries and perhaps get pumped up about the notion of moving to Wichita Falls.

Investigate the New Home Via the internet

Offer your daughter or son a chance to commence considering what it will be like to dwell in the new house. A lot of youngsters are delighted by different experiences and also areas to see. Therefore, when talking about what it will likely be like to move, give your child an online tour of the location they shall be going. Furthermore, you can start early by asking them to assist you to select new properties to review prior to when the move is even booked.

Scan through the images together, point at places and elements you like, and let your son's or daughter's curiosity guide them forward. Use your attitude as a guide-point so your child knows that the new home is something to look ahead to.

Explore the New Residence in Person

Bring your youngster on a tour of the new home, however not only as an vacant place. Immediately, begin talking over where your familiar home furniture should go. Urge your youngster to use their creativity in imagining what you might put in the new house and what can be done using the totally new and diverse space. Walk your son or daughter through 'their room' and imagine the place their bed furniture, toy box, and beloved playthings might go.

Speak About What's Terrific Regarding the New Space

Even more essential, talk about how fantastic the new place is going to be by concentrating on how it can be better than the home you will be leaving. Should there be a large backyard you did not have previously, discuss how you might visit the area animal shelter and adopt a pet who can enjoy that backyard together with your daughter or son. If there's a new brother or sister or a baby on the way, focus on how the new home will give them plenty of room to be a caring older sibling. Keep the imaginings and assurances realistic so that if your child concentrates on one great future aspect of the residence, you will make it come about.

Make Packing Into a Game

Observing everything packed up could disturb youngsters who feel as if you're packing away all of their lives into cartons. However not if you will make it an adventure. Begin by talking about how all your son's or daughter's cherished belongings will not be going away, but instead the professional movers in Wichita Falls will be moving them to the new house to go in the spots you envisioned jointly. After that invite your youngster to assist you to pack and get their little hands included in the work.

This way, you will not be 'taking' and 'hiding' their belongings, you will be organizing and also packing jointly. Confer with your youngster regarding the place each thing that is packed ought to go in the new home so that they don't believe their treasured possessions are going away without them. Remember to hold back a few comfort toys to travel with.

Introduce them to the Movers

In case a moving company in Wichita Falls shall be a big part of your ordeal, then be positive your child feels safe with the folks who will be transporting their boxes of belongings. Children may be afraid of the unfamiliar group of people who appear to carry boxes (and particularly should you have a packing service) until those movers officially come to be their buddies.

The good news is for many young children, friendship is often a case of "how-do-you-do's" as well as the formal sharing of a cookie. Be pleasant and invite your son or daughter to introduce themselves to the professional movers in order that they won't be reluctant whilst the truck is loaded and also unloaded.

Invite Them to Help You Navigate

Some children's anxiety is not focused on packing, but on the perception of traveling far away from their old residence. The road trip on its own could fill your son or daughter with stress, partially because they are afraid of becoming lost, adrift from home, and out of control. An efficient way to help ease this worry is to make your youngster feel like an accountable and included element of the journey.

Pass your son or daughter your mobile phone with Google Maps open and charge them with aiding you to find the way. Request they point out each time a turn is approaching and check in on how many miles to another turn. This makes your son or daughter feel grown-up and responsible and lots of children will conquer their own worry to be helpful. When you reach the new residence, your son or daughter may just be peaceful and able to face a new challenge as your partner rather than feeling hopeless in a move that was not necessarily their choice.

Remain Calm and Maintain Family Schedules

Last but not least, be equipped for a handful of emotional meltdowns. Teenagers might be upset to leave their pals and younger kids sometimes have trouble adjusting, but they will eventually adjust and begin enjoying themselves in the new residence. The great thing that you can do after the move is to show patience with negative emotions and help your young ones settle back into familiar routines.

Family meals, familiar schedules, and regular game nights may ensure your youngsters that the most essential factors pertaining to family life remain the same. Their lives have not transformed totally, your house is merely someplace different.


The ideal way to enable your youngsters to lessen their fears of moving and also adapt to the new home is to get started early on. Have your children included in every step of the moving process and help them feel both responsible for a few aspects. This tends to decrease the perception of becoming 'out of control' and help your children resolve to be strong and optimistic concerning the new house. For further insights on moving, from packing the boxes to dealing with the anxiety, get in touch with A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Wichita Falls today!


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