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February 09, 2019

Moving Out: Tips to Get Back Your Entire Security Deposit

Moving OutBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving out of a rental is one of those situations that nearly everyone seems to be familiar with. Many of us, if moving out of a rental property or apartment, are relying on the security deposit for helping cover the price of the move. That's a month if not more of rent that could be utilized as a down payment on your new residence, to boost your drained savings, or to purchase furniture as well as supplies you'll need soon after moving. So to get that deposit back, you need your property manager to have zero justifications to take deductions.

Today, that's exactly what we are here to discuss. If you'd like to make sure you get 100% of your security deposit back when you move in Wichita Falls this time around, here is the routine that is effective for virtually every expert tenant.

Clear Rooms While Packing

It's a prevalent misconception that one can only start fixing up a residence once all your items is moved out. Yet this is how you find yourself working yourself up to the final moment without having time to tidy or carry out repairs. You can get on track at the time you get started packing.

Start with low-priority areas and areas like the spare bedroom or your closet. When you pack, entirely clear each space, stacking all your cartons in a corner or a area of the living room. The more you pack, the more of your home is generally clear and so easy to examine. This is actually the easiest way to make sure you take note of any concerns while you still have time to deal with them.

Investigate Everywhere for Signs of Damage

Never assume that since you have not observed any damage to the residence or dwelling that the property owner will not discover any. There are tons of little problems that your eyes simply never give attention to that your landlord could possibly zero in on like a bloodhound. Scrapes on the wall, spots in the carpet, nail holes, and also wobbly fixtures may possibly be deductions to your security deposit if the property owner finds and spends money to take care of them.

But not if you locate them first. Put on your home inspector hat and review the house using a fine-tooth comb. Check every wall for problems, every single baseboard, every door and also cabinet. It will be okay to depart the property better than when you moved in to ensure there's nothing that will hurt your security deposit after you move out.

Make a list of everything you discover as well as the items you will need to complete fixes.

Fill Nail Holes and Minor Restorations

Next, accomplish the fixes. Don't merely recognize that they need doing. Nail holes will be a problem for many property managers and if you put anything up from pictures to curtains, you'll want to fill the holes back in. A little bit of putty or spackle is going to do the trick and if your walls are white, you may not even have to have a paint touch-up.

Address other trivial maintenance tasks likewise. The great thing is that you may obtain low-cost repair kits for nearly anything online. From scrapes in a wood flooring to squeaky kitchen cabinet drawers. Oh, and consider getting a steam vapor cleaner for a day to freshen up the flooring. Should there be any spots that happen to be extremely hard to clean, try out a baking soda solution and making use of a nail brush in circles on the spot or sticky space.

Move Furniture using Foot Pads and Blankets

When moving your household furniture out, the last thing you wish to do is leave behind any additional scuffs. Moving big furniture might be tricky and there's always a chance of scraping a wall or doorway when attempting to get through. And, if you don't totally lift up the items of furniture, you want to keep floor surfaces safe from marks and scratches.

Luckily, this answer is relatively easy: Blankets and also foot pads. Pertaining to furniture that you're planning to push a portion of the way, make certain there are felt foot pads stuck on or, in a pinch, wash cloths anchored with rubber bands around the feet. Concerning corners and also doors, all you have to do is cover the edges of the home furnishings in bathroom towels or perhaps blankets to prevent a scrape.

Don't Leave Things Behind in Wichita Falls

Abandoned things are one of the prevalent reasons for security deposit conflicts. Never leave a stack of stuff which did not squeeze into the car. In the event that you do, the property manager is A) obligated to confirm and see if you would like it and B) is stuck with the bill for cleaning it out.

Whilst they could very well pitch or donate the things, most likely your property manager will pay for a garbage service to come collect it then invoice the expense to your security deposit. To prevent this, invest time to clear positively all your own items out of the home ahead of departure.

Snap Pictures of Everything

Moving tip take picturesMost landlords are excellent private property owners just transforming their investments into a advantageous type of income. Just a few may be looking for any means to force more money away from tenants.

On these unusual instances, property managers have actually been recognized to allege damages that weren't there and even cause and photograph the damage themselves after a renter leaves. All purely to take some or all of their security deposit. So, like a renting master, your best bet is to snap photos of your own prior to when you hand over the keys.

Therefore, on your final day when the residence is entirely vacant, have a complete photo-snapping expedition of the house. Which includes each side of every last door along with the insides of closets and kitchen cabinets. Make it clear that the residence was in exceptional order at the time you departed in case that any type of shenanigans appear later regarding 'damage' you did not bring about.

Surrender the Key Appropriately

Some property owners are very fussy pertaining to handing over the keys, and some won't be. Particularly if you accidentally take a key with you when you vacate the premises.

Landlords that happen to be picky regarding keys may also be likely to bill you for a new key or perhaps for the cost of replacing the locks. This is a silly purpose to lose some of your security deposit, consequently don't forget to hand the key back the way the owner prefers.

Supply a Forwarding Address

Finally, be sure that you supply your property manager a forwarding address. This can be the standard means they will get in touch with you to communicate the security deposit in addition to their report on infractions assuming they do somehow locate a problem with the property or apartment you recently moved from.

Therefore always, always, always give your property owner a forwarding address so that you can get your deposit and handle all documentation just in case they try to pull a trick to keep a portion of your cash.


The majority of property managers are extremely reasonable, good people who would like to give your security deposit back in full. Making use of these tactics, you will be able to move from your rental leaving it in exceptional condition, and you'll find that deposit perfectly back in your pocket before you know it. And additionally, if the property owner does attempt some shenanigans, then you know that the house was in remarkable condition and can contest effectively utilizing photos to prove it.

Here At A-1 Freeman Moving Group, we have assisted clients with absolutely all types of moves in Wichita Falls, from local to long-distance to international residential moving. And in our over 40 years in operation, we've figured out numerous strategies and key approaches for minimizing the trouble of this tedious and time-consuming moving process. For more great tips to move like a master, contact us right away!


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