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Moving to Wichita Falls Can Be a Family Affair

Family MovingMoving to Wichita Falls is a big undertaking, but you don't need to attempt it by yourself. On the contrary, you should turn moving to Wichita Falls into a family activity that boosts some family bonding time together and makes the whole job much more manageable—and perhaps even fun.

Here are a few pointers to get the entire family interested in the project.

Get Organized

The day before you pack, conduct a family meeting and discuss the moving functions that need to be completed. Assign responsibilities to everyone with clear directions about how to manage them. Your kids might enjoy checklists—there's something pretty satisfying about checking something off as complete, no matter if you are young or old! Young children may take pleasure in helping you label the boxes, or even embellishing them with stickers or crayons. Create a sense of teamwork, and when it is time to begin...

Make It an Event

Packing sounds an awful lot like a chore. Instead of asking (or demanding!) the kids to do it whenever in their own time, set aside a day or some chunks of time and have everyone pitching in. When you begin, whip up a special drink or goodies and order some pizza. Encourage teamwork.

Remember to take break times for treats, and decide that when the task is finished, you will all do something fun together. That might mean going out to dinner, or doing something unique in your new part of town! You could even hand out prizes for getting the most done in an allotted time frame or for getting rid of the most unwanted or outgrown items. Which leads us to:

Go Through Old Items

There's no value to pack and move any items your children have stopped wearing or playing with. Keep the space and time by going through them before you move! Even younger children can decide if they have some items they don't want anymore. You might decide to donate those unwanted things to children in need, which can be a gratifying process for your kiddos, also.

Get Garage Sale Ready

If you are going to have a moving sale, think about allowing your children have the profits from their contributions. This could inspire them to purge a few more toys and clothes they do not want anymore, and it helps them feel more involved in the process. They might be more willing to help you man the moving sale, too!

Let Them Handle Their Rooms

If your kids are old enough, you might put them in charge of boxing up their own rooms. Give them a few instructions on how to pack clothes, bulky items, pictures, and more. You or the moving company can take care of the big or fragile items.

Box Together

Work as a group in the living room and other shared areas. Younger children can without difficulty pack books and other non-delicate belongings; older children and teens can assist you with things like kitchenware and small appliances. Use the time to have a conversation, or take turns choosing your favorite songs to share with each other.

Ask the Pros

Make your moving day more controllable yet by hiring some professional help! Yes, a professional moving company can lift the unwieldy stuff and pack up the truck, but A-1 Freeman Moving Group can do more than that: we provide a full gamut of moving services to best compliment your needs in Wichita Falls. We can supply packing materials, or even pack everything up for you. We do not diminish your quality family time, but maybe you'd rather get that at the park, anyway.

Click here to begin your detailed estimate. We are committed to no-hassle pricing, so you know specifically what you're getting for the cost. This can assist you to stick to your budget and discern how much of the project you and your family can do yourselves and how much assistance you will need from a professional moving company.

The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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