Relocating Employees During Difficult Times

Moving for your jobBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

The COVID-19 crisis has affected our everyday life and ways of working. As a company creator, director, or boss, keeping your personnel safe and sound while ensuring social distancing is a struggle. For those who have personnel in different places and states or for those who are bringing new staff on board, from time to time a relocation may be needed. Yet, relocation to Wichita Falls throughout these dubious periods is tough and collecting knowledge ahead of acting is essential. Here are the vital concerns you should consider ahead of deciding.


The first step when relocating employees, particularly throughout a health pandemic such at COVID-19, will be to plan effectively. When creating a plan, these actions are necessary:

· Generate a list of all staff both inside of and outside the country. Include all employee contacts and locations in this listing, as well as the place that the worker needs to transfer to.

· Create a dedicated communication channel that accommodates the full business to make certain all relocating workers receive pertinent messages and offer comments.

· Create a crisis panel to liaise together with the top management and obtain solutions for relocations. This board ought to do an in-depth dive on each relocation to examine all possibilities thoroughly whilst keeping all government directives in view.

· Partner with various travel firms as well as a moving company in Wichita Falls for travel monitoring.

· Keep all government regulations concerning social distancing, crucial services, and travel prohibitions in mind while you plan.

Develop Rules

· Establish guidelines which support remote working to ensure social distancing, if needed. Policies that elevate your employees' risk of being infected with COVID-19 need to be eliminated.

· Establish concise guidelines which support personnel. Give thought to developing a fund for hardship payments for employees in areas where personal requirements are challenging to access due to minimal supplies or perhaps the surge in prices.

· Recognize that a number of relocations will have to be postponed until employees have safe places to work.

· If transfer is important, restrict it to key workers. The policy must also establish safety precautions to be regarded ahead of, in the course of, and after the trip to make certain that all workers remain safe.

· Talk about relocation options with your professional moving company partner. The moving company in Wichita Falls ought to have a plan set up to keep both their employees along with your employees safe during the entire relocation process.

· Review your relocation policy along with your professional movers in Wichita Falls to ensure that your workers are given the best value from your relocation budget.

Ready to Move?

At A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Wichita Falls, we understand that moving of personnel is challenging anytime, but can be even more arduous during the global crisis. We are taking necessary safety measures to ensure that you and your personnel stay safe. Give us a call today for more resources on all your relocation needs.


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